2013 GOTY Day 2: #2 Magee vs. #3 Nyarko (Armas Bracket)

VOTE: Magee's chest bump or Nyarko's diving header vs. Columbus

The 2013 Aldi Chicago Fire Goal of the Year tournament kicked off Monday as #1 Chris Rolfe's long bomb 5/29 at Charlotte saw a challenge but eventually edged out #4 Hunter Jumper's heroic face plant 8/23 vs. Sporting KC to move to the C.J. Bracket Final to be played next Thursay, November 14.


Today's Matchup: We move to the Armas Bracket where a pair of game-winning goals against the Columbus Crew that came in the span of eight days go up against each other. Fans will decide between #2 Mike Magee's shoulder bump on June 22 at Columbus or #3 Patrick Nyarko's diving header in the U.S. Open Cup fourth round June 13 vs. Columbus should advance to next Friday's Armas Bracket Final. 

Watch both goals below and vote for your choice by Monday night at 11:59pm CT. 

WATCH: #2 Magee vs. #3 Nyarko