GOTY Bracket: Day 12

Logan Pause vs. Marco Pappa

Goal of the Year Day
ARMAS FINAL: #1 Pause (5/8 vs. Toronto) vs. #2 Pappa (6/9 vs. Colorado)

The last matchup to complete our Goal of the Year Final Four
and the makeup is pretty simple…

Pappa already has two goals in the semifinals – Tuesday’s
matchup: Pappa goals from April 10 vs. San Jose and June 27 vs. New England –
if he wins today there’ll be a possibility of seeing an all-Pappa final – if
his June 9 goal can upend the insurgent header from Steven Kinney (9/29 at San
Jose) which has taken down Ljungberg and McBride on it’s way to the Final Four…

The Catch: While
Steven Kinney probably isn’t known as well for his goal scoring touch, Logan
Pause has never had a striker’s pedigree. With that said, Pause’s goal on May 8
was the lone bright spot in a dismal 4-1 loss at Toronto.  The 30+ yard effort, which received
assistance from the Lake Ontario wind, was just the second goal of Pause’s
eight-year professional career. In that time the North Carolina native has
played 198 matches and nearly 16,000 minutes. Suffice it to say, and we know he
never will, that strike was a highlight in Logan’s career with the club.

So there it is… Rookie defender Steven Kinney awaits the
winner in Wednesday’s semifinal. Voting ends Tuesday at 10am CT!

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