Section 8 blog

October 8th - The anniversary celebration

On a rainy
October 8, 2009,
large group of Fire supporters, team figures, players, and fans gathered at
Toyota Park to celebrate the 12th anniversary of the founding of the Chicago
Fire Soccer Club
. Ring of Fire member and Technical Director Frank Klopas
welcomed us with kind words, entertaining stories, and an amazing spread of
food. Speeches left many in the crowd with moist eyes and inspired us as we
gathered to celebrate the day
club was announced on October 8, 1997 on Navy Pier
. Many other great anecdotes
were shared between those in attendance and we were always able to turn to a
game of foosball or a peek at classic Fire matches that played on loop on the
televisions around the Stadium Club.

That intimate
yet special party is set to be revisited this year as the anniversary of the
club's founding looms once again. This year, we're fortunate to be graced with
an exciting weekend of soccer in the Chicago area that dovetails with the
anniversary celebrations. Not only are the Fire taking on Columbus on the
anniversary proper – due to a special request made to the league – but the US
National team will be in town to face Poland in a friendly match the following
Saturday. It has been a while since so many fans of the game in Chicago will
have had such a full calendar of events from which to partake.

8 Chicago's plans are in full swing for the 10/8 party, of course
. There
will be a special gathering at Chicago's newest soccer bar,
The Pitch, on the eve of the
anniversary. The day itself will bring an extended tailgate starting at 2pm
(food provided once again by Klopas). 
We’re planning a supporters' match open to all Fire fans on the practice
field, other parking lot games, contests, and plenty of Fire comradeship all
ahead of the match between the Fire & Crew. Join us early, it’ll be more
than worth taking the afternoon off work for!

Saturday will
bring a brunch gathering at the Pitch ahead of beer bus rides to the USA/Poland
match at Soldier Field. Given the timing of so many US Soccer and Fire alumni
being in the city at the same time,
never know what luminaries might turn up at one or all of these events
! A
limited edition commemorative gift has been produced by Section 8 Chicago, as
well, which you can collect if you get to the tailgate early on 10/8 itself
(first 100 folks!).

Stay tuned to for the
full announcement of the slate of events for this special date. Let's grow the
party into something that all Fire fans look forward to every October 8, and
continue to cement the bonds of our club with Tradition, Honor, and Passion.