Rolfe Checks in from Denmark

Forward makes first start for Aalborg

the weekend, former Fire forward Chris Rolfe made his first start for Alborg BK
in their 2-0 win over AGF Arhus in the Danish SuperLiga. Playing 77
minutes, Rolfe assisted on the first goal, sending in the corner kick that
teammate Lasse Nielsen headed in after 24 minutes. Chris sent us this blog
yesterday, updating us on Danish life and reminiscing about Chicago. 

 Blogging... this seems foreign to me. 

First of all, congratulations to everyone who supported
the Chicago Fire Foundation at the Luncheon this year with its record
setting turn-out and then continued by setting a home opening attendance record
at Toyota Park the other night! It’s impressive how much support is given
to the organization, in general, on and off the field. 


The day that I arrived in Aalborg, it began to snow and
basically didn’t stop until March. We spent the first ten days training in our
gym and the next two months training on turf in below freezing temperatures.
There were a few days that I came off of the field looking like Martin Short
(minus the creepy smile but including the pale skin) in “The Santa Clause 3”. 

days started off with very little daylight but everyday we’re getting more and
more minutes of sun. The culture here hasn’t been too hard to adjust to, as it
seems to be pretty similar to the way things are back home. The language is
difficult, but everyone that I’ve spoken to has been fluent in English.
Familiar sights here include McDonald’s, 7/11, Burger King, Domino’s, Ikea,
Aldi and Shell gas stations. Despite not being a big fan of McDonald’s in any
aspect, I had to try their quarter pounder and fries meal. I have to admit, the
Danish version doesn’t taste as good and is twice as expensive as the American version
(yes, twice as expensive as the Ohio Street McD’s and the ones at O’Hare).


club has been great so far. I’ve been treated very professionally and they were
extremely helpful and timely in getting me situated. I made some good friends
on the team including Marcus Tracy (left in photo), who is our other American
player. Marcus and I introduced March Madness to some of our teammates and
created the most diverse NCAA pool I’ve ever been a part of. Of course, the
Americans finished #1 and #2...

been able to keep in touch with a number of people from the Fire organization
and some fans through my website (
 -- shameless plug), and
it’s been bittersweet. I missed not being a part of pre-season, seeing everyone
on the first day after a long off-season, meeting new teammates and
participating in two-a-days in hot weather (or at least somewhere warmer than
32 degrees). I miss eating “hockey pucks” and rice for every team meal,
throwing duct tape at C.J., spending pre-games in the training room with Leon
and Kirt, beating D.C. United and talking to Ben Burton after games. And now I
miss watching the games or highlights and knowing that I can’t help my friends
win. However, I am very happy with where I am right now and have already
started making similar bonds and memories with my teammates and the club in
Aalborg. I’m fortunate to have landed at another great club.

To the players and supporters - don’t forget
that the Crew started last season winless in their first 7 games and finished
with the Supporter’s Shield. It’s a long season. See you all again in the