Welcome to Chicago Fire Rec Soccer

Chicago Fire Rec Soccer was created specially for our adult fans who want to watch the game and also play it!

In addition to that, CFRS exists to connect with a whole new group of adults - those who perhaps have never come out to see the Fire play before, but love playing the game recreationally week in and week out. We want to bring the Fire story to where you already spend your time - on the soccer pitch.

The people who created CFRS have a long history of providing the best, most fun soccer in the city. We pride ourselves on ensuring a high level of quality, organization and competition with multiple Coed and Mens leagues, tournaments and pickup games.

Now, The PrivateBank Fire Pitch -- located just 2 miles west of Wrigley Field -- takes all of this to a new level. All CFRS events will be hosted at this brand new, state-of-the-art multi-field facility. It will be an unparalleled rec soccer experience in Chicago. Whether you're a total beginner or an advanced, college level player, we'll have multiple options for you!

By playing with CFRS, you'll not only have access to the best soccer in the city, you'll become a part of our Fire family. That means free tickets to games, exclusive access to special events, and an exciting new home where professional and recreational soccer meet.

Get involved now!

Download the Handbook [PDF]


Register Now

Visit Fire-Pitch.com/cfrs to register now for men's, women's and co-ed leagues.

Skill Levels:
Highest level. More competitive with college and high level high school and club players.
Championship: Intermediate level players. People who have played high school and rec soccer for several years.
Rec: Players of all skill levels are welcome.