Supporters Groups

Section 8

Chicago Fire supporters' groups mostly occupy an area in TOYOTA PARK known as "Section 8" stemming from its original location at pre-renovated Soldier Field. The name has stuck, despite changing stadiums and section numbers. At TOYOTA PARK Section 8's physical section numbers are 117/118. Fire supporters are well known domestically for their non-stop chanting, colorful tifo displays and undying support of the club - showing a spirit and devotion typically associated with fans of large clubs worldwide.
Section 8 Chicago, the Independent Supporters' Association (ISA) for the Chicago Fire Soccer Club, works on behalf of all fans - affiliated supporters' groups and independent fans alike - to foster a true soccer community. The vision of the ISA is, "To unite all Chicago Fire fans, to create a dominant in-stadium force unseen in any American team sport and to establish a home field advantage whenever the Chicago Fire play.
The ISA exists to supplement the efforts of independent fans, coordinate between the supporters groups and act as liaison between all fans and the Chicago Fire Soccer Club. As a non-profit organization, a board of directors is elected yearly at the Annual General Meeting in February by the assembled supporters.
In 2008 the ISA had an operating budget of just over $100,000, using money raised and donated to offer discounted road trip packages to encourage fans to support the team away from TOYOTA PARK, produce section related merchandise, pay for in-stadium tifo displays and made considerable charitable donations as platinum donors to FWFK and Nothing But Nets.

Media note: Delineation should be made between "Section 8 Chicago" (the ISA) and "Section 8" (the physical section supporters occupy on match days).

Contact: Joel Biden


Established in 1998, the Arsonists originally occupied Section 16 at old Soldier Field. They have come and gone several times from Section 8 proper, but remain a respected fan group to this day.

Contact: Rich Balabuszko

Blitzer Mob

Blitzer Mob is a group dedicated to a consummation of passion for the City of Chicago, industrial music and the beautiful game.

Contact: Dave Hansen


Named after the "Winged Hussars" elite knights of the Polish Army between the 16th and 18th century; Husaria is a predominantly Polish group of Fire supporters organized at the end of the 08' season Dedicated to support the Chicago Fire in the style of the European Ultras.


Fire Ultras 98

Fire Ultras 98 is a group of Polish fans, both recent immigrants and transplanted natives, dedicated to supporting the Chicago Fire Soccer Club in the traditional "ultras" style common in their home country and across Europe. Established in 1998, FU98 members known for their harder edge in support of the Fire at home and away; identifiable by their orange jackets, scarfs, large banners, and fervent vocal and visual support.





The Partisans are a group of Chicago Fire supporters that also take an active interest in leftist politics.

Contact: Will Smith

Red Scare

The Red Scare were established in 2006 with origins (but not limited to) the Joliet area. Hardcore Fire supporters that live for Saturday.

Contact: Brandon Vonesh


Sector Latino

Sector Latino are a Central/South American 'barra'-style group of Hispanic Fire fans, established in 2005.

Contact: Jesse Munoz

The Western Front

The Western Front was formed in 2006 to organize supporter activities for Fire fans from Oak Park to Naperville and all points in between. WF seek to provide opportunities to share your passion.

Contact: Jim Kline

Ultras Red-Side

Formed in 2003, inspired by FU98 to bring the ultras spirit to fans of other nationalities and formally introduced the European concept of organized visual support (referred to as "tifo") to Section 8.

Contact: Matt Bono

Whiskey Brothers Aught Five

Established in 2004. Wasted potential, lucky strikes, whiskey, foreign policy, and the beautiful game. Not neccessarily in that order.

Contact: Karl Schuster