Chicago Fire Front Office Staff


Owner and Chairman, Chicago Fire Soccer Club
Chairman, Andell, Inc.
Andrew Hauptman
Chief Operating Officer Atul Khosla

Executive Staff

Senior Vice President of Ticket Sales, Service, Operations and Marketing Mike Ernst
Vice President Logan Pause
Vice President of Finance & Administration Pawel Szynalik
Vice President of Business Development Jeff Wagner
Vice President of Corporate Partnerships Jessica Worley
Vice President of Communications Doug Hicks
Senior Director, Community Relations
Executive Director, Chicago Fire Foundation
Jessica Yavitz

Finance & Administration

Manager of Finance and Administration Dan Vincenti
Executive Assistant Brian Rider
IT Manager  Gina Fremouw
Receptionist Maria Gabino
Senior Accountant Matthew Goulding
Staff Accountant Rogelio Loya


Senior Operations Manager Erin Kwiatkowski
Operations Specialist Joey Dimas
Operations Specialist Brian Sauer

Corporate Partnerships

Senior Manager, Partnership Marketing Michele Klein
Senior Account Executive, Partnership Marketing  Christian Smith
Senior Account Executive, Partnership Marketing  Lauren Griswold
Account Executive, Partnership Marketing Brad Bauer
Senior Manager, Corporate Sales Tim Weaver
Senior Manager, Corporate Sales Mary Moloney Sever
Manager, Corporate Sales Matt Hoy


Creative Services Senior Manager Kayser dos Reis 
Graphic Designer Rafael Alvarez
Motion Graphics Designer Adis Kapetanovic
Senior Marketing Coordinator Jeff Harbert
Events & Entertainment Coordinator Isabel Dimas


Director of Communications Frank Stranzl
Communications Manager Eunice Kim
Team Videographer Leo Flores
Director of Digital Media Scott Hammer

Chicago Fire Foundation & Community Relations

Senior Community Relations Coordinator
Events & Development Specialist, Chicago Fire Foundation
Jen VanSparrentak
Program & Events Coordinator, Chicago Fire Foundation Crystal Hassinger

Ticket Sales and Services

Senior Director of Ticket Sales & Service Casey Klein  
Senior Manager of Ticket Operations Dave Hurley  
Ticket Operations Coordinator Daniel Garcia  
Director of Fan Services Nicolette Trobaugh  
Manager of Fan Experience Kevin Brewer   
Season Ticket Services Representative Daniel Gerrits (708) 496-6684
Season Ticket Services Representative Lindsey Mitkus (708) 496-6742
Season Ticket Services Representative Alli Rivera (708) 496-6883
Season Ticket Services Representative Jack Metz (708) 496-6672
Manager of Season Ticket Sales & Service Zachary Dicken  
Manager of Database Marketing Jude La Rose  
Manager of Group Sales Rachel Myers  
Group Ticket Sales Senior Account Executive David Quinn (708) 496-6789
Group Ticket Sales Senior Account Executive Ed Kaczynski (708) 496-6784
Group Ticket Sales Account Executive Mario Gonzalez (708) 496-6856
Group Ticket Sales Account Executive Will Culbertson (708) 496-6679
Group Ticket Sales Representative Ian Craig (708) 496-6857
Group Ticket Sales Representative Jaclyn Geffinger (708) 496-6779
Group Ticket Sales Representative Mike Greco (708) 496-6675
Season Ticket Sales Senior Account Executive David Berchem (708) 496-6775
Season Ticket Sales Senior Account Executive JJ Castillo (708) 496-6762
Season Ticket Sales Account Executive Chance Weisensel (708) 496-6673
Season Ticket Sales Account Executive Jeff Crist (708) 496-6733
Season Ticket Sales Representative Dan Turner (708) 496-6682
Season Ticket Sales Representative Max Mangold (708) 496-6678
Season Ticket Sales Representative Ben Reasner (708) 496-6680
Season Ticket Sales Representative Heather Larson  

Technical Staff & Soccer Operations